My name is Shannon Cooper and I am from Houston, Tx. I received my bachelors degree from Lamar University back in 2014. I am an English teacher in Cypress Fairbanks ISD.I am currently on journey, exploring all of the benefits of Virtual learning and technology, while studying for my Masters Degree. Everything has definitely been a true learning experience. I am wanting to learn more about E-portfolios and how to successfully bring them to my campus.

I have attached my resume below.

My Resume

Installing 4DX

The 4DX design and the 5 steps work together to help us reach our career goals and our independent goals. They can assist me in my innovation plan of rolling out eportfolios at my campus. The most significant piece of information I learned this week is the importance of execution. Of course the key toContinue reading “Installing 4DX”

Influencing Change

My Influencer Strategy My innovation change strategy is to put all of my focus into becoming an effective leader so that I can successfully roll out my plan for eportfolios in the classroom. Effective leaders play a very significant role in the culture, success, and recognition of their school. I have been fortunate to haveContinue reading “Influencing Change”

My “Why” as an Educator

Why? My purpose is to keep and maintain a “Whatever It Takes” mindset. I will be fair-minded, compassionate,  patient, and empathetic with students, staff, and parents. I will be a visible presence to all around me and always be available to handle concerns with respect, kindness, and a spirit of understanding of other people’s perspectives.Continue reading “My “Why” as an Educator”

Mrs. Cooper’s UbD Design

Big Hairy Audacious Goal:  My students will learn lifelong skills that they will be able to take with them in the real world. This is based on my learning philosophy.  Eportfolios will prepare my students for their future by helping them to increase their college readiness skills, digital literacy, and goal-setting foundations. They will alsoContinue reading “Mrs. Cooper’s UbD Design”

Mapping Our Journey

The Power of Yet The power of the word “yet” has been a phrase that I have been living by since I became a teacher back in 2016. Every assignment and task I am assigned to teach my students do not always go as planned, but time helps. Over time I get better at teachingContinue reading “Mapping Our Journey”

Learning Philosophy

  Digital Learning Philosophy Abstract     My Philosophy of Education is that all children have the ability to learn. They might not all learn the same way or on the same day, but learning is possible for everyone. I am invested in each student that I cross paths with. I want to create a space where childrenContinue reading “Learning Philosophy”

Creating Significant Learning Environments

One of the most important ways to increase learning is to create significant learning environments. They help students engage and connect with the learning that is taking place in the classroom. In the article “It’s about Learning” by Harapnuik the Finks Taxonomy design and principles were discussed. This design includes many factors that help theContinue reading “Creating Significant Learning Environments”

10 Benefits of an ePortfolio

The amount of research that I have done on the power of an ePortfolio has been extremely eye opening. I had the chance to read a very insightful article by Karen Barnstable. I have attached the link as well. https://kbarnstable.wordpress.com/2010/01/08/41-benefits-of-an-eportfolio/ Barnstable categorized and explained a multitude of benefits that ePortfolio’s can have on student, staffContinue reading “10 Benefits of an ePortfolio”


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